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Help children of soldiers to visit the graves of their fathers!

Only in recent years, relatives of soldiers who are buried on the Russian Field of Honour have been traced. Children of these soldiers finally have the chance to visit the graves of their fathers for the first time in their lives. But many of these old people do not have sufficient financial means to do this.

Do you or does your company want to reunite a soldier with his son or daughter and pay for a child’s visit to the grave? Then we kindly request you to transfer 2500 euros to bank account NL 88 RABO 0127 654 739 of the Stichting Russisch Ereveld in Amersfoort indicating ‘grave visit’.

Bank details:
IBAN: NL88 RABO 0127 6547 39
Name benificiant: Stichting Russisch Ereveld
Place benificiant: Amersfoort
Name of bank: Rabobank
Address of bank: Amersfoort, Netherlands
Number of bank account: 0127654739

The Foundation Russian Field of Honour organizes the entire travel and stay for these relatives of soldiers. This includes the visa application, travelling to the Netherlands, the costs of living (hotel, food), permanent guidance, an interpreter, transport, flowers for the grave etc.

The Foundation Russian Field of Honour initially asks for financial help for children of soldiers or brothers and sisters of victims buried in Leusden. No more than one family member of each soldier will be sponsored. If possible, relatives visit the graves in the beginning of May, so they can experience both the Dutch Remembrance Day (May 4) and the Russian Victory Day (May 9) in the Netherlands.

If you would like to contribute a smaller amount, then we recommend you to adopt a grave and click here.

The Dutch tax authorities have identified the Foundation Russian Field of Honour as an ANBI (public welfare institution). Your gift may be tax deductible.

Remco Reiding 11-04-2011